Sunday, 31 March 2013

Multipurpose Micropayment Card

Ezeelink is a multipurpose micropayment card. It is one of the many innovations introduced by Mobile Money. It gives incredible convenience to card users.

One just needs to buy a multipurpose micropayment card at any Ezeelink shops, and send one sms to register. One can top up the card shop with no charges. It can be used to shop and epayment, sms to transfer money, and tap to pay at participating shops. One will earn Ezeelink reward points every time they spend. One can also transfer reward points to another card user.

Ezeelink card really makes your life easy and convenient.

Cardholder can transfer fund and point to another card holder via SMS.
Cardholder can enjoy loyalty and payment system as long as merchants participate with Ezeelink system.
Cardholder earn loyalty points from community merchant outlets, community online discount coupons, community online shop, online payment convenience and tap to pay.
Cardholder can enjoy the following benefit :-
  • epayment
  • check loyalty point
  • buy discount coupon
  • pay bill / prepaid / games 
  • money transfer services


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