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Mobile Pos Terminal - Tracksol GST Solution

Mobile Pos - Tracksol GST Solution

What is GST?

1. Input Tax (Buying)

You Buy RM100.00 of Goods,
Pay RM6.00 of GST to Supplier according to GST Tax Code

2. Output Tax (Selling)

You Sell RM200.00 to customer.
You collect RM12.00 of GST according to GST Tax Code.

3. GST payment to Kastam

RM12.00 – RM6.00 = RM6.00
(GST collected – GST paid)
* You DO NOT need an accounting or computer system to calculate GST & to generate GST-03 Form if you have only a handful of transactions a month.

The 2 requirements for GST are:
1. GST-03 Form
2. GAF (GST Audit File)

How TrackSol help you comply GST?
1. Tracksol email GST-03 Form & GAF file to you quarterly.
2. You print & submit GST-03 Form together with your payment to Kastam.
3. Tracksol keeps records of all the transactions for 7 years.

How to implement TrackSol Cloud POS?

1. Add item on the fly – Add product by scanning stock card + scanning barcode + Description + Selling Price.
2. Receiving Stock – Key in receiving invoice, scan barcode, define Cost & quantity received of each product in the invoice.
3. Stock Take – scan stock card, scan barcode, fill in stock count, add item on-the-fly if new.
4. Performing sales – scan barcode or by entering the product code of each item, then conclude the sales by tapping staff card. Simplified Tax invoice will be printed from the built-in printer. (If a Full Tax Invoice is required, customer can visit TrackSol web to download.)

Sales & Collection Tracking System

  • Issuance of sales receipt/invoice
  • Trading/A-hoc buy/sell( Potong stock )
  • Track sales real time
  • Track who and sell what
  • Track cash collection by staff
  • Profit tracking by employee

Inventory Tracking System

  • Trade-in ( 2nd hand product,phone & non-phone )
  • Track product availability
  • Track inventory level
  • Stock card location tracking
  • Random/scheduled inventory audit by product category

Payment Option Tracking

  • Track payment made by cash
  • Track payment made by credit card with fees
  • Track payment made by in-house prepaid card
  • Track payment made by in-house credit facility


  • Real time info on web
  • Daily report via Gmail(sales,collection & inventory )


  • Monitoring & instant mobile alert system
  • Object tracking - bar code/RFID
  • GST Compliance - Form 3 & GAF file
  • Repair warranty tracking
  • Commission calculation and payment


  • RM1590.00 - Tracksol Mobile Pos Terminal
  • RM200.00 - Internet Data & LifeTime Warranty ( Monthly chargers )

Tracksol International Sdn Bhd

Mobile Money International Sdn Bhd

Lot 23-24, 2nd Floor, IOI Business Park,47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. 

Merchant/Agent Consultant - MR Kenny

019-3174825 & 011-10651137


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