Friday, 15 July 2016

MoneyPin Can Remit To 6 Countries - Register Now

Mobile Money International focuses on innovative mobile centric payment systems under the supervision of Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) and is permitted to operate:

- E-wallet on May 2006 pursuant to Section 25(1) of the Payment
  System Act 2003,
- Remittance Service via e-money pursuant to Section 10 of the
  Exchange Control Act 1953,

Mobile Money International Provide

  • Easy to use(MMAPP Register and remit) 
  • Instant(5 to 10 minute) 
  • Tracking report 
  • SMS notification
  • Money safety 100%
  • Anytime & Anyone
Benefit Of MoneyPin Merchant
  • End-user pays a service charge of RM10 to RM20 to merchant

Remark*The appointment to conduct MoneyPin is subject to the approval of Mobile Money International and compliance to BNM regulations and requirements


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